Zachary, Louisiana

Our cemetery rules

1. No burial made be made without the specific approval of the cemetery President. See contact page, or e-mail at the link below, if time permits. Any unauthorized burial is to commit the illegal act of trespass.

2. Burial is not not allowed unless dues are current for the decedent's account. Louisiana cemetery statutes provide for the removal of remains to "some other suitable place" if there is any legitimate indebtedness to the cemetery.

3. When a pre-need account reaches two years delinquency, upon proper notice mailed to the last known address, as shown on the records of the cemetery, the account is removed from the cemetery rolls. It may be re-instated by payment of a second $500 initiation fee, plus delinquent dues accumulated. There is no guaranty that a site once reserved and removed will be once again available.

4. All burials require vaults or grave liners.

5. The decedent's family will install a permanent marker, consistent with usual cemetery practices, within one year of burial.

Contact for burial assistance