Sell, Sell, Sell


Each salesman must watch the developments and changes that are taking place in his own territory, and be quick to cover the newcomers in the area.

The more nimble you are in watching developments, the better jump you get on your competitors.


Gallo Associates, Inc.

Hourly Rates
Consulting and Guidance
Correspondence, includes e-mail & Fax
Formal Written Reports
Trustee Appointments
Client Management*                  
Set by the court
Agreed rate, usually $100.00 per hour.

Time is carefully kept in 15-minute increments. $500 per day minimum for overnight travel.

*client management is performed by employment contract.

Expenses. Telephone tolls, postage and other mailing costs, including mass mailing envelopes; and inserts, and auto mileage (federal rate) outside Greater Baton Rouge, LA area. All legal, CPA, and other professionals are the responsibility of the client.

Overtime. Pertains to the client rate and is applied only if authorized by the client.

Hours worked on Saturdays & Sundays 1.5 factor
Hours worked on federal holidays 2.0 factor

Internet. Registration of a domain name - $62 (includes 1st year domain fee)
Establishing a hosting account on Gallo servers - $75.00
Internet "light" maintenance charge - $10.00 per month, billed quarterly.
Website design - 3 page "yellow page" website - $250.00
                            5 page "yellow page" website - $500.00
                            Over 5 pages - Quoted per "html" page.

Statements. Statements are rendered monthly. Thirty day unpaid balances bear interest at 1.5% per month on the past due balance.

Revision October 12, 2006