Zachary, Louisiana



Membership is not automatic. Prospective members are subject to approval by the board of directors of the Shaw-McHugh Memorial Cemetery.

To be eligible for burial, the interred person, including pre-need, must have a family relative who is, or has been, connected by blood, marriage, or adoption, to any of the cemetery founding families. The family connection must also within a family group, whose family members are, or have been, dues paying sustaining members of the association.

Shaw-McHugh Memorial Cemetery is a heritage cemitery. Descendants of deceased persons who inter their family member are responsible for the yearly maintenance dues of the the cemetery after burial of the family member.

Once established, membership includes all persons in a family who are under the "household" of a relative as defined above here. It is understood that should any member of that particular family leave the home for any purpose of independent life, i.e. marraige, they are entitled to membership on their own. If this is done within one year after leaving the home, that person shall be exempted from the payment of an entrance fee, but be obligated to pay yearly dues.

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