How we work...

It is said that every ten years there is a complete turnover in business knowledge, yet wisdom does not turn over. Wisdom implies sound and discerning judgment, and is extremely applicable in business affairs. But how does one gain business wisdom? Two ways. Either through experience, a slow and agonizing process, or through the transfer of the wisdom of others. The transfer process is best illustrated by the corporate board of directors. Still, most small to moderate sized businesses cannot assemble a top notch board of "outside" directors to serve on a permanent basis, which is a costly expense. But as stated above, there is a second way!

Gallo Associates, Inc. has the network to hold your business hand. We aid in assuring that you are getting your "lucky breaks." We present the diverse viewpoints needed before making an important decision. Sometimes our service is as simple as having someone to talk to on the telephone. Gallo Associates, Inc. is like having your own "outside director", except part-time.

Gallo Associates, Inc. is wisdom!

After years of applying this theory in a practical way, our founder, Sam Gallo, retired and transferred his business guidance business to a CPA firm, an accounting firm which has been a "business guidance" team member for thirty some years and continues to advise the Gallo team.

Now, Sam continues his practice as a sole practitioner under a new name. The only limitation is time. Sam and his wife, Shirley, are avid RVers and spend a great deal of time in their Holiday Rambler motor home. Still, in many ways, the RV experience gives Sam more time to think through client problems because of the absence of every-day business pressure.