Zachary, Louisiana

The Only Asset at Death is your Name

Each of us has lived our life with some sort of limitation, whether economic or physical. And what people think about us matters a great deal. How we manage these limitations, equals our reputation, which is reflected in our name, and is the only asset we truly carry to our death.

A small group, including some descendents of the original founding Shaw and McHugh families, have continued to maintain the Shaw-McHugh cemetery in honorship of their respective family surnames. They are shown below. If you are a member of these families, we welcome you to consider joining our memorial cemetery association, or for cemetery care.

Earliest Family Burial Date
Susanna Shaw McHugh (1841)
Earliest Family Burial Date
Stephen Lavey (December 2, 1898)

Earliest Family Burial Date
Martha Alma Carmena (1912)
Earliest Family Burial Date
Clarence J. Weis (1901)